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Final update before we start!

After months of preparation, fundraising, hard training and overcoming logistical challenges, FMO’s first time participation in the Roparun 2011 is getting to its final stages. Friday, June 10, the FMO team consisting of 25 people (runners, cyclists, drivers, navigators, physiotherapists and food and drink support) will leave for Paris. They will make the road back (522 km) in about 46 hours and are expected to arrive in Rotterdam at around 15:00 hours on Monday, June 13th . Obviously, we expect a big crowd of FMO colleagues to welcome them at the Coolsingel. As it is unknown what the time of arrival will be at of the FMO team please follow them live on or at Twitter #roparun #RRteam202 . You will be able to find our expected arrival time on this website.

Friday June 10 the team will leave FMO at around 13:00 hours and you are all invited to give them a good send off. Please join us at 12.30 hours at the entrance, a delicious surprise has been arranged for all FMO colleagues ! The weather promises to be quite good for the runners, not too warm, only slight chance for rain and wind in the back.

The FMO team (#team202) will start in Paris, near the airport of Le Bourget, at 16:57 hours on Saturday, June 11. The runners have been divided in two groups of 4 runners, and each group is accompanied by 2 cyclists and one driver and one navigator. Team Oana consists of driver Oana-Raluca Craciun (who will get a crash course in street Dutch in 48 hours) and navigator and overall FMO-road manager Tobias Niekoop. The runners are: Caspar Havinga , Jan Willem Hoek, both representing the FOM team, and good old Huub Cornelissen and teamcaptain Karin Bouwmeester, both from the Energy team and obviously full of energy. The cyclists are Tanja van den Elsken (who found it an interesting challenge to cycle from Paris to Rotterdam in between holidays) and Arno van der Kruijs( who will not participate in the Elfstedentocht bike race at Pentecost this year, but instead preferred to do the Roparun).

Team Maarten consist of driver Maarten van Renssen (who got his first lessons of French during the trial run and learned very quickly to adapt his pronunciation) and Martijn de Groot as navigator. Martijn will probably wear his chequered trousers so he can replace a runner when needed. The runners are: Flying Dutchman Edgard Creemers, Nico Mensink, Frederik van Pallandt (both of them will take care that the risks of this adventure will be kept under control) and Erica Ross, for the female touch. Robert Bierens as dark horse will be standby to replace a runner when any of them might not be able to run any further…or when we risk to run behind schedule! Cyclist are Keesjan de Kruijf (on a borrowed Koga Miyata) and Walter van der Wees (responsible for security on the road and the Xmas tree illumination on the bikes).

Logistical support comes from two small trucks, where we have driver Willem van Leeuwen and his truck driver friend from VNO/NCW, Danny van der Ven, and the food and drinks team, consisting of Leonie Soonawala de Haan and Carlyne van Gelder. As a real ACC team they will be there continuously to support the rest of the team. Jos van den Eijnden (and his wife) will take care that all our experiences and adventures will be recorded. Overall coordination from the Netherlands will be done by Kim van der Vat.

The medical team was hired by Jan Willem and consists of two good looking ladies from Brabant (Brabantse schonen), Mieke Vloemans and Louise Kroot, for medical treatment and massage.

Logistics will be as follows: One team will start running for about 50 km. Every team member runs a stretch of 1-2 km after which runner two takes over and so forth. A small bus will accompany the team to make the changes possible. Two bikers will accompany the runners, one in front and one at the back. They will be responsible for the navigation as well . After 50 km team number two takes over and team number one takes a rest for 4-5 hours. Two small trucks will make a base camp every 50 km.

In total 275 teams will participate, more than 2000 runners and 4000 helpers. The teams start in Paris from 15:00 hours Saturday afternoon until 5:30 hours Sunday morning. All teams are expected to arrive at the Coolsingel between 12:00 and 18:00 hours Monday afternoon. As mentioned before, the progress of the team(s) can be followed at or at Twitter #roparun #RRteam202.

Every runner will run about 65 km and every biker will cycle about 240 km. So you can expect some pretty worn out people at the finish in Rotterdam who can do with some cheering up from their colleagues. Please find attached a map of the Coolsingel and the spot where FMO family, friends and colleagues will gather to welcome the FMO Roparun team. We hope to see you all there !!

Last year all participants of the Roparun collected in total more than EUR 4 mln for people with cancer and the challenge for this year is to beat this number. The FMO team expects to contribute about EUR 15.000 for which we thank all of our colleagues, friends and family, who contributed generously in all fundraising events.