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FMO's Roparun

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FMO Roparunteam survives character and teambuilding test in Roparun 2019

During the Pentecost weekend FMO participated this year for the 9th year in the Roparun. The team started in Hamburg on Saturday 12.36 and reached the Finish in Rotterdam on Monday 15.46. The total distance of 562 Km was run in 51 hr and 10 minutes with an average speed of 11.76 km/hour.

The Roparun (started in 1991 with a pub bet in Rotterdam with 10 participants) has grown to 323 team, two start locations Hamburg and Paris and app. 8 thousand participants and is now one of the largest fund raising, team building and ‘feel good’ sport events in the Netherlands. It is a relay marathon for teams and collects funds for cancer patients. Last year, Roparun collected more than 5 million euro (see for for more info). Roparun team FMO organized this year a table soccer tournament, wine and chocolates sales, CPC sponsoring, lottery tickets, an FMO auction and as a final action a Roparun lunch.

An additional challenge this year was the unexperienced team: for 6 out of the 8 runners it was their first Roparun. This year FMO’s participation was largely done within the FMO’s core values: we had a good selection of well-trained runners, a good gender balance in our team and all team members were wiling to ‘go for the extra mile’. Core targets have been met (finish with no dropouts under time pressure, outperformed speed target, good team spirit). Overall, a perfect team building exercise for those FMO-ers with guts and dedication. The 51 hr non-stop race is the ultimate character test for all team members due to the combi of physical and mental challenges and a lack of sleep.

It was also a good cross departmental effort this year (‘breaking the FMO silos’), with also contribution from our friend of the Catering OSP (Erwin), HagoNext cleaning company (Godwin), Human Research, Financial Institutions, Mid Office, Strategy, Facility Services, Partnership 4 Impact and Risk Management. Being part of the Roparun makes you realize that you can make a difference, even if you are a tiny part of a very large well managed ‘feel good’ event. Unlike in everyday working life, you realize directly that you can only perform if you have a team behind you: runners need bikers, navigators, physios and base camp support to perform and vice versa. In addition we need sponsors (incl. FMO staff buying lotteries and wines) and volunteers to make it a great event. Together Each Achieves More = TEAM.

Apart from the fund-raising exercise the challenging components of running/biking for 51 hrs, the Roparun is also the ultimate connection challenge. Connecting with yourself, your teammates and the other teams/supporters and volunteers around the long road. Being able to finish and to support those people which struggle with cancer via a sport event make you feel humble and proud at the same time. In a lot of sports it is ‘you either win or learn’. In the Roparun it is both: you win once you finishes with your complete team in Rotterdam. You learn a lot from yourselves, your teammates and others during the preparation and the race itself. Once exhausted it is inevitable that people start to make mistakes, lose focus and start to react more primarily to each other: an interesting process to observe. As usual there were also a number of ‘lessons learned’ in the logistics and communication. What is during the Roparun more important than analysing the points of improvement is keeping a good team spirit, as has been demonstrated by this year’s team.

This year team effort made a lasting contribution to projects for cancer patients (expected sponsor amount: > € 10.000) and to the team building of 22 FMO employees. This year’s road and running trip on Hamburg-Rotterdam trajectory was filled with invaluable memories:
- the team dinner at the night before the race at the Reeperbahn, including Prosecco and Karaoke bar Thai Oase 
- the welcome party in Almelo and the beautiful Hanze city Zutphen
- mental support of family, friends and FMO colleagues (Hans Bogaert, Jos van der Eijnden, Jan Willem Hoek)
- the 19th birthday of our Roparun queen Laura (who bicycled with a birthday crown and scarf)
- the impressive speed performance of our super athlete Philip (who in the second day still reached speed levels of 16-17 km/hour)
- the Super Mario and Luigi performance of the driving team, including the more than 100 red noses (and nice pics) we shared with kids and supporters along the track
- the much-appreciated family support (& cookies in Zutphen) from Nico’s mother, Philip’s parents (ice creams in Rotterdam), Loes’ sister (batteries in Almelo) and Corianne’s boy friend (beers at the finish line)
- the impressive welcome at the Daniel de Hoed kliniek in Rotterdam, where we were cheered by patients and staff
- the running contribution of Roparun team 202 founder Huub Cornelissen
- the finish line experience in Rotterdam (‘You’ll never walk alone, by Lee Towers’)

FMO Roparun team 2019:
Didier Jorissen (runner, organization) 
Warren Kemper (runner) 
Wenny Waaijen (runner) 
Corianne van Veen (runner) 
Anneloes van Ulden (runner)
Philip van der Weijde (runner)
Erwin Wesstein (runner) 
Justus Dokter (runner) 
Caroline van Seumeren (biker, team captain/CFO) 
Laura van Seumeren (biker, birthday queen) 
Rens Alders (biker)
Giovanni Watson (biker)
Godwin Ka (base camp) 
Tamara Scholte (base camp, employee of the month) 
Lilla Galfi (base camp)
Kevin Hillebrand (driver) 
Tess van der Zee (driver)
Basile Maree (driver, photographer) 
Nico Mensink (driver) 
Hans & Ruud (bus drivers, Jan de Wit) 
Emma Siemersma (physio)
Willem van Leeuwen (non-playing captain, sponsoring/logistics)
Huub Cornelissen (technical director)

Corporate Sponsors
Dynamic People
Impressive Green Apple
Norton Rose Fulbright
Clifford Chance
Hogan Lovells
Elektroservice/Klimaatservice Holland
The Square Mile
OSP Vermaat
Schiphol Travel International